May 1, 2005, 9:15 a.m.

John Paul II to Benedict XVI

What else can I say? You pointed out what needed to be pointed out. John Paul II was a holy man. He was a faithful apostle of Christ since he was young until his last breath. No wonder he had such a significant personal impact on so many people, especially the youth. He radiated love and hope; he radiated Christ. As the bishop of Ottawa said in his homily during a requiem mass: "We never deserved to have John Paul II as our Pope. He was too holy for us. But Jesus knew we needed him so He gave him to us. Now he has been called home." We are blessed that we have a new intercessor in heaven. We now have a new Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI. I am very happy and pleased that Cardinal Ratzinger has been chosen as our new Pope. I already have this filial love for him. He will surely continue the work of the late John Paul II. Let us not forget to always include him and his intentions in our daily prayers.
[blog/comment from Joy]