May 8, 2005, 9:16 a.m.

Universal Prayer

I believe, O Lord, strengthen my faith; I hope, may I hope with greater certainty; I love, may I love with greater ardor; I am sorry, may I have greater sorrow. I adore you as the Author of my being; I desire you as my end; I praise you as my perpetual benefactor; I invoke you as my sovereign protector. Direct me by your wisdom, restrain me with your justice; comfort me with your clemency; protect me with your power. I consecrate to you my thoughts, that I may think of you; my words, that I may speak of you; my actions, that they may be according to your will; my sufferings, for your greater glory. I want what you want, because you want it, as you want it, as long as you want it.

I beg you to illuminate my intellect, to inflame my will, to purify my body and sanctify my soul. May I shed tears for my past sins, repulse future temptations, correct my bad inclinations, practice hole virtues. O my God, grant me love of you, hatred of myself, zeal for my neighbor, contempt of the world. May I always obey my superiors, help my inferiors, be faithful to my friends, pardon my enemies. May I overcome voluptuousness by austerity, avarice by liberality, anger by meekness, lukewarmness by fervor.

Make me prudent in my plans, constant in danger, patient in adversity, humble in prosperity. Grant, O Lord, that I may be attentive in prayer, temperate in food, diligent in my duties, constant in my resolutions. May I always be vigilant to dominate my nature, to cultivate grace, to observe the commandments, to obtain eternal salvation. O Lord, teach me the unimportance of this world, the greatness of divine things, the briefness of time, the duration of eternity. Grant that I may always be prepared for death, that I may fear your judgment, that I may escape hell, that I may merit heaven. Amen.

(composed by Pope Clement XI)