Jan. 1, 2004, 12:07 a.m.

Just Do It!

Grace and peace!

Have you ever wondered why things are as they are? With the vastness of the universe, what are we doing on this small planet at this particular time in history? I don't subscribe to the idea that all this is made by chance alone. There's got to be a great master who put all things in their proper places. One of our goals in this part of heaven is to know our purpose in life. Unfortunately, many don't even come close, or may not bother at all!

As a clan, maybe we can adopt a motto, perhaps the phase "just do it!" by Nike®. If you have a good plan, "just do it"! If you have something brewing in your mind for some time now, "just do it"! And as we just do our jobs, we should not lose sight of the hierarchy of things—God is there guiding our every move!

Do I make sense; am I just talking to myself loudly in cyberspace? Abangan and susunod na kabanata!