July 6, 2005, 12:18 p.m.

Rule of Law

The following is one reaction of an ordinary Filipino citizen on the present national situation.

The political noise is all over, in the guise of seeking the truth; which on the contrary actually banishes Truth away. Truth in it's purest form comes to us in the silence of our hearts. People seeking the truth should first remove their biases, humble themselves and look inwards. For Catholics, the best place (if possible) is in Christ's presence in the most blessed sacrament. Hate should be out of the question; respect for people and institutions should be maintained. Then analyze the so-called evidence to see what's true, beyond a reasonable doubt.

In the present political situation, the only plausible route is the impeachment court (Congress) and leave it to the system whether the president is acquitted or convicted. Whatever the decision is should be respected. No more complaining, no more noise. The unsatisfied should just wait for the next election in 2010 (if the constitution is not changed), or until the government becomes parliamentary, and run in their districts. Absolutely no coup d'etat or even rumors of it. If this Rule of Law is not followed, we'll become a banana republic, the primary reason why a lot of African nations are very underdeveloped and poor. Maybe that's what they are after.

One good thing that may come out of this mess is a systematic change in our form of government to a pure parliamentary form; we'll have a Prime Minister, and annihilate the position of President to oblivion. And that prime minister can be removed more easily; no need for people power or coup.

Perhaps one final thought is that of humility. The president has sought for the nation's forgiveness and we should give that to her. People asked: "but what about the penance?", the answer is "Pray three Our Fathers, Hail Marys and Glory bes, and say the act of contrition." In my mind, the president will become more effective in governing the nation because of the virtue of humility. The constant attacks on her character and person is enough penance if you ask me. And perhaps the silent majority forgives a humble leader, like when King David sinned and subsequently repented.