Aug. 18, 2005, 1:53 p.m.


A few days ago, Samek (my inaanak by the way) as we fondly call Patricia, third in Coya Noel's treasures sent me some pictures taken during a JRP Modeling show in Makati City on 11 June 2005. As seen below, her photos are marvelous! I can see a supermodel here! I can also foresee Coya Noel's headaches regarding the suitors that will queue for his approval.

The lack of a smile? Well, Coya Noel recalled that Samek had a fever at that time and she insisted on attending the event. Her countenance is really an X-factor, which I think the beauty experts are familiar with, not the forced smile that becomes casual and fake, at worst. Some detractors might say that beauty is just skin deep; but they might be right. However what we have here is true beauty, physical and spiritual.

Isn't it right that in anything we do, we do for the greater glory of God? Ad majorem Dei gloriam!