March 11, 2005, 1:09 p.m.

Slippery Slope

Hope be with you!

Recent events have placed our future as a people in the crossroads of the two ultimate opposing entities—good and evil. Individually and collectively we have to choose the good over the bad, even if it's just an intention or resolution, because most of the time we cannot do anything concrete to fight evil. Sometimes we feel overwhelmed with the problem, and thus tempted to just become complacent. Some resort to a lot of complaining on just about anything, from the increasing taxes, fees and gas, and perhaps the corruption of government officials, and so on. Those kinds of things are necessary in a democracy, but common sense tells us that such modalities are ineffective. If we are in a very dark place, instead of cursing the dark it's better to light a little candle.

Perhaps the point here is that change for the better starts with ourselves. Of course this statement has been said before, but this time we have to act. We are all in the same boat, but it seems that others have different agenda.

Why do we have terrorists in our midst? Perhaps this question can be answered by also asking, Why do we have battered wives and children around? Why are there criminals? Ultimately the answer takes us back to the on-going battle between good and evil. All these undesirable things are the manifestations of evil. A lot of people nowadays don't believe that the Devil or Satan exists; sorry to disappoint them but this evil entity exists. So, the only way to overcome this is to look heavenward; some call this the vertical dimension. Combining the vertical dimension and the horizontal gives us hope. Hope it is that can save us from this slippery slope.